Recommended Instruments and care

Instruments, mouthpieces, supplies, Care

A good instrument can be played well in tune without unreasonable effort, has a good tone quality and is well constructed for fewer repair problems. Instruments that lack these things are worthless at any price! Not only will the student have problems, he/she will cause serious problems with the entire band if his/her instrument is inadequate.
A good mouthpiece is consistent in quality and size, and has dimensions that make good tone production and intonation easier. The mouthpiece is where the sound begins. It is thus the most important part of any instrument. In an effort to cut costs, most instrument makers put cheap $5 mouthpieces on their $400+ instruments! No professional player would play on the mouthpiece that came with his/her instrument.
Student-line instruments are intended to be used in the first year of instruction. The following instruments and mouthpieces represent acceptable quality and good value for the money.
Check with the director before you purchase a new step-up instrument or mouthpiece!